Turbocharge your sprint planning

Integrate your existing scrum tools, easily get the whole team involved and receive valuable metrics & insights for your sprint planning in a fraction of the time.

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Why use Startblock?

Increase your time to focus on the conversations that bring value during the sprint planning, while having the most detailed information available to make your decisions.

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Less preparation

Spend less time for the administration and preparation for the next sprints.

Improved estimates

Make more accurate estimates on what the team can tackle in future sprints.

Better insights

Get all the metrics you need for a fast & transparent sprint planning.

Stronger teamwork

Support teamwork to give everyone the chance to add their insights when planning the sprint.


We provide some awesome features so you have a painless way to involve the team & get all the information you need!

Time insights

Calculate the capacity

Calculate the working hours/days available for your teams and team members in the next sprints with our capacity tool.

Import all your teams and team members

Track the holidays and other non-working days

Create any other custom fields that you might need to track the capacity for your teams

Performance insights

Planning tools & metrics

Integrate your existing tools and get all the metrics you need for an efficient sprint planning.

Connect your scrum tool to import all your teams and projects

Track your sprint velocity and create projections for future sprints

Get a Bang-for-the-Buck overview of all the stories in the sprint based on its estimated effort and the business value

Team insights

Team collaboration

Work with the other team members to get the most accurate estimates and ensure everyone is on board.

Play planning poker to see the different opinions of all the team members on the difficulty or timing of a story.

Perform fists-of-five voting to easily give all the team members a say in the sprint planning.


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